Keeping the family warm in the house means the installation of a central heating system.

Whatever size your home is a system can be designed to provide adequate heating whatever the weather and at the same time provides a sufficient amount of hot water.

Systems can be simply programmed to provide heat and hot water when required, so it suits your daily routine.

It is important that the system is designed and installed by a competent engineer so that there isn’t any disappointment with performance.

If you’re fed up with cold bathrooms, bedrooms etc then get in touch. Everything required will be clearly explained.


If the heating system works but the boiler is old and getting close to or past its ‘use by’ date and is costing money for spare parts, then the time has come to consider a replacement boiler.

With a modern boiler it is often possible to install it in surprising locations which can keep it out of sight, or it can go in the same position as the old one.

There are choices for boiler types too (some could required changes to the piping system).

Another advantage is that modern boilers are much ‘greener’ than the old ones and use the heat much more efficiently therefore saving on running costs.