Hours of work
We operate 8am till 5pm Monday to Friday.
Out of hours by arrangement.
An answering service is available 24hrs, 7 days a week and is regularly monitored.
Text messages in an emergency are also closely monitored.
We offer a 24/hr callout service. Ask about our charges.

Quotations and Charges
Prices quoted are all inclusive of travel, labour and materials unless otherwise stated. Only work detailed / contained in the quotation will be carried out, please make sure we have included all work requested in the quote. *Any unforseen works that are required in order to complete the works will be carried out at our standard hourly rate. Accepting the quote means you agree to our terms and conditions.
Quotations for large scale jobs may incur a fee. This will be deducted if the job is accepted and proceeds.

Payment by bank transfer or cheque will be due immediately on completion of the requested work OR 24 hours after receiving your invoice.
Work in excess of £500 is part payable in advance (within 4 working days), normally 50% on acceptance and 50% on completion.
Payment of a deposit, confirms you agree to our terms and conditions.
If full payment is not made within 5 days of the invoice being sent we will recover the costs through a debt recovery firm and any subsequent fees will therefore be the debtors responsibility.

Supply and Fitting   
We offer two types of quotation, the first being a supply and fit package. This means all products, materials and fittings are supplied by us therefore anything that goes wrong with any of the above are covered by us. The price allows for this and you, the customer are fully covered. This price does not change as per the quoted amount*
Our second and less favorable option is a labour only service where the customer supplies everything required for the job. With this particular way of working we also cannot offer any guarantees with the work or products and this is to be sorted by the customer and any of our time spent waiting for orders, wasted time due to faulty parts arriving or call backs etc is also charged at our hourly rate. This is simply to cover ourselves if anything were to go wrong / be delayed. We have found over many years in this industry ,that this is the best way to work for both the customer and as a company.
We only want the best for our customers and want it to be a stress and worry free experience for both parties.

Following a chargeable diagnostic check, all repair work is guaranteed. Parts supplied and replaced are guaranteed for 12 months* Exchange of parts under guarantee may incur a labour cost, excludes tampering with, or alteration to the appliance by anyone other than us. Parts required that are not van stock will be sourced and fitted as quickly as possible. If your boiler is deemed beyond economic repair and requires replacing and we are instructed to carry out the replacement, the diagnostic inspection fee will be deducted from the replacement boiler fee.

Gas Safe
From the 1st April 2009 the ‘Gas Safe register’ replaced ‘Corgi’
We ‘Hilltop Heating ltd’ are registered with Gas Safe, our registration number being –‘623064’–. All gas safe registered engineers carry a card showing their details and competencies. Please ask to see our engineers card.

Following an annual service any faults developing within 7 days of servicing will be checked, free of charge as a ‘gesture of goodwill’ at our convenience and at a time and date set by us. If the fault is due to incorrect servicing, a repair, rectification or modification (not including parts) a charge will be made; all parts required will be charged for at the appropriate rate. Any parts supplied by the customer are not covered by the guarantee. If known faults are not reported before servicing an additional repair charge at the appropriate rate will be made. Parts required that are not van stock will be sourced and fitted as quickly as possible.

When replacing old boilers with new boilers and connecting to existing old system pipework, (inc. tanks, radiators, valves etc.). if any leaks or faults are found on boiler commissioning, further costs will be involved to rectify, including original design faults, contaminated and dirty radiator systems and leaking/weak/failing, pumps, valves, stopcocks, taps, fittings, controls, etc. We will always advise a flush through of the system to prevent any unnecessary damage to your new boiler.

Waste disposal will include all waste removed including all packaging from new products. If you do not want to pay for disposal, all waste removed including old boilers, tanks, insulation etc. and all new packaging will be left on site for you to dispose of, this needs to be stated at the time of the quotation.

A suitable parking area within 5M walking distance of the property must be provided, any parking permits required must also be provided. Any charges arising from parking fees/fines are the customers/landlords/your responsibility and will be added to the works requested invoice.

New or replacement Glowworm or Worcester branded boilers supplied by us will have a minimum of 3-10 years’ full parts and labour warranty, subject to annual servicing being carried out by us. It is your responsibility to ensure the annual servicing is carried out. Please ask about our extended warranty plans available.

Working conditions-Health and Safety
The working area should be clean and clear of your personal items. Flooring, carpets etc. must be covered or protected. Any time spent moving furniture will be added to the invoice and any marks on unprotected carpets are your responsibility. We will not enter attics/lofts or cellars without the necessary access ladders, sufficient lighting and fixed solid flooring all in place.

Notice of your right to cancel
You are entitled to cancel appointments.
If you wish to cancel,
You MUST DO SO IN WRITING within 14 days and deliver it personally or send (which may be by email) to the address provided. Your notice to cancel will be taken to have been received as soon as you post or send it to us or in the case of e-mail from the date it is sent to us. Please note that you will be required to pay for any goods or services we provide to you if you ask us to start work before the end of your cancellation period.